Logitech Black & Gray Wingman Extreme Digital 3D Joystick with HDMI Cord

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Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D Joystick

WingMan Gamepad Extreme is Logitech's extraordinay gaming controller that gives you unparalleled precision and control at your fingertips. It includes an enhanced 8-way D-pad which puts you in complete control for high-speed action, digital control for accuracy and programmability, and a ultra-accurate G-Force Tilt motion-sensing system for proportional control. The Wingman Gamepad Extreme has 10 conveniently placed buttons which provide you with all the firepower you need, and more. It is IBM, Windows 95 and 98 compatible, features a comfortable design and connects to a 15-pin game port or USB port. Wingman Gamepad Extreme comes with powerful Profiler software which allows to program any button trigger, and direction, assign single commands or multi-command macros, make any button a shift button and print profile maps.

Condition: Good - shows some sign of wear

Functionality: Functionality not tested

Accessories included: HDMI Cord

Serial Number: YED04708843

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