2 Modern Bernhardt Furniture Cream End Tables - Patinated Brass Base Finish

Sale price$350.00


Item Description: This item is perfect for any simple yet elevated space. It's sleek and clean silhouette will integrate beautifully with other modern pieces. Bernhardt Furniture Cream Wood End Tables

Condition: Good - Shows minimal signs of wear

Measurements (in inches): 18 x 18 x 24

Additional Details: The Brielle End Table is a stunning addition to any home décor. Featuring an ivory lacquered finish top and shelf, this end table will bring a classic, timeless look to your living space. The metal base is finished in a Patinated Brass finish for added visual interest and durability. The glides make it easy to move the table around without damaging your flooring. This end table offers plenty of storage space with its spacious top and bottom shelf, making it perfect for displaying books or decorative objects while keeping them within easy reach. This piece is designed with modern sensibilities in mind but has a timeless appeal that makes it suitable for traditional settings as well. It’s ideal for use as an accent piece near the sofa or chair, or as an end table between two pieces of furniture in the bedroom or office area. The Brielle End Table is constructed from quality materials that are built to last through years of everyday use and still look beautiful year after year. Its sturdy construction ensures stability while its sleek design adds sophistication and style to any room you place it in – whether you’re looking for something modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic – this piece will fit right into your existing décor scheme seamlessly! With its versatile design and functional features, this end table can be used anywhere you need extra storage solutions without taking up too much space – perfect for small apartments! Whether you’re looking to add extra storage solutions to your living room or want something stylish yet functional in your bedroom – the Brielle End Table has got you covered! With its classic ivory lacquered finish top and shelf combined with a patinated brass metal base, this piece provides both style and function at once! Plus its glides make moving it around effortless so you can easily rearrange furniture when needed without worrying about scratches on the flooring!

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