Mid-Century Modern Homecrest Bottemiller Outdoor Lounge Chair

Sale price$269.99


Item Description: Mid-Century Modern outdoor lounge chair made by Homecrest. It is made of iron and it swivels and tilts. It is in excellent condition, has been painted black. It is not signed!

Condition: Good - Shows minimal signs of wear

Measurements (in inches): 30 x 35 x 43

This item is perfect for any simple yet elevated space. It's sleek and clean silhouette will integrate beautifully with other modern pieces.

Vintage chairs show sign of wear. Need TLC.

Larger lounge chairs measure 42” tall.

Seat sits 12” tall 24” wide 19” deep

Smaller chair measures 30” tall Seat sits 16” tall 17” wide 18” deep

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