Lancaster White Polyethylene Folding Tables - Indoor & Outdoor

Sale price$45.00


Item Description: This piece embraces minimalistic elements such as colors and simple silhouettes, creating a sleek, detail oriented aesthetic. Perfect addition to any space. Lancaster White polyethylene Folding Table

Condition: New - In Box 

Measurements (in inches): 72 x 31 x 2

Additional Details: Brand new in box, Lancaster 72 x 30 Blow Mold Folding Table. We have a large number of these tables that we are looking to sell, these folding tables are made with durable, high-impact polyethylene, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor events and easy to clean. These surfaces will not crack, peel, chip, or rust, this set is sure to be a cost-effective, and lighter weight alternative to wooden folding tables, for a long-lasting addition to your inventory. 

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