La-Z-Boy Brown Leather Greyson Recliner - Manual Recliner - Silver Handle

Sale price$355.50


Item Description: Traditional La Z Boy Brown Leather Recliner Chair

Condition: Good - Small punctures on left arm. Scuffs on back

Measurements (in inches): Seat cushion sits 20” tall 22” wide 22” deep

Additional Details: Brand: La-Z-Boy Condition: Gently Used Item ID: 396525 Dimensions: 40" W x 42" H x 36" D Seat Height: 20” Seat Depth: 22” Reclined: W40” H30” D72” Reclined Seat Height: 27” Reclined Seat Depth: 40” This piece incorporates a timeless style, taking cues from the 18th and 19th centuries to create a classic yet new age feel. Perfect for anyone looking for a functional yet tasteful piece.

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