Cubic Fun Spanish Armada 3D Puzzle San Felipe Galleon NEW!

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Item Description: Cubic Fun Spanish Armada San Felipe Paper & Foam Board 3D Puzzle.

Launched in 1690, the San Felipe was built with agility and manoeuvrability in mind. Considered one of the most beautiful Spanish ships ever built, her wide sails and slim profile gave her excellent advantages over her rivals, with 104 guns making her a force to be reckoned with. As the flagship of the Spanish Armada, the San Felipe went head to head with the mightiest British and French ships of the era.

The San Felipe ship had a major role in the war in 1705, when it fought in a fierce 24-hour battle between 35 British ships and 12 Spanish ships. With only 4 Spanish ships lost compared to 9 British ships, this was considered a victory for Spain. The San Felipe sunk two ship-of-the-lines and one frigate, but unfortunately she was captured by the British. They were unable to salvage her though, with her damage too extensive, and the legendary Spanish ship eventually sank to the bottom of the ocean along with many tons of gold.

Condition: Item is new in sealed box

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